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Teachers use tests to assess whether or not a child has assimilated what has been covered in class. So primarily they give key information to the teacher about how effective their teaching method has been. Unfortunately parents and teachers read a bad result more in terms of failure of the child.

Preparing for a Test

It is usually important to revise material before a test.Quite often children forget that they have a test or they may not know what they are going to be tested on.And teenagers may simply decide not to bother. As a parent it is key that you are quite closely involved. You need to be asking them frequently what they are doing and how they are getting on.
Children may have tests before they have acquired the habit of study.Homework may help with preparation for tests but it does not substitute study.

What can I do

After a bad result and before you assume your child has a terrible difficulty or that the teacher is bad, see if you can tick this short list:
Did your child know what aspect he would be tested on before the test?
Did your child remember when s/he would have the test?
Did your child spend time revising for the test beforehand? If the answer is no, to any of these questions, the solution is simple. Spend time preparing in advance.
If the answer is yes to these all three of these questions and after two or three negative results, don't wait too long, take immediate action!Email your child's tutor and explain your concerns, ask what action can be taken and don't let terms go by without working with the teacher to take it!



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Stories, Songs and Fun 6-7

09 SEP 2020 – 19 MAY 2021
Wednesday 16:00-17:00

Stories, Songs and Fun 7-8

09 SEP 2020 – 19 MAY 2021
Wednesday 14:45-15:45

Stories, Songs and Fun 8-9 A

03 SEP 2020 – 27 MAY 2021
Thursday 16:30-17:30

Stories, Songs and Fun 8-9 B

03 SEP 2020 – 27 MAY 2021
Thursday 15:15-16:15

Think English 9-10

07 SEP 2020 – 24 MAY 2021
Friday 15:40-16:40

Think English 10-11

07 SEP 2020 – 24 MAY 2021
Monday 16:15-17:15

Think English 11-12

03 SEP 2020 – 27 MAY 2021
Thursday 17:45-18:45

Secondary Preint Wed

09 SEP 2020 – 19 MAY 2021
Wednesday 17:15-18:45

Secondary Preint Thu

10 SEP 2020 – 03 JUN 2021
Thursday 19:00-20:30

Secondary Intermediate Tue

08 SEP 2020 – 18 MAY 2021
Tuesday 17:30-19:00

Secondary Intermediate Mon

07 SEP 2020 – 31 MAY 2021
Monday 17:30-19:00

Secondary B2/FCE

08 SEP 2020 – 18 MAY 2021
Tuesday 15:45-17:15

A2 Elementary

08 SEP 2020 – 18 MAY 2021
Tuesday 19:05-21:05

B1 Intermediate / Cambridge PET

07 SEP 2020 – 24 MAY 2021
Monday 19:05-21:05

B2 / Cambridge FCE

09 SEP 2020 – 19 MAY 2021
Wednesday 19:00-21:00

C1 / Cambridge Advanced

04 SEP 2020 – 04 JUN 2021
Friday 16:50-18:50


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