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People like things they enjoy and the feel good at. Could there be a particular reason your child feels demotivated? Is s/he finding it too difficult at school? You or a helper can revise homework with him or her! Is s/he finding it boring? Make it exciting! Play games and read stories in English. Give him or her rewards and incentives for working well or even just practising English. Praise his work and achievements in English.


Little people like things their parents like.So remember, if you constantly repeat that you always had a problem with English your child may assume the same issue is his/hers. Sometimes even an expression is enough to convey a negative attitude. Its hugely important that you, as a parent, yourself express positive feelings towards the learning of the language. Similarly if you are critical of the exact cultural activities that make English enjoyable for your child, be they making a pumpkin for Halloween or colouring a Santa Claus, s/he will also learn to reject those things and consequently the language itself.The trick in those cases is to discuss your own customs and how they differ, respecting and enjoying the opportunity to explore other customs occasionally, not as a substitute for but as an enriching addtional experience.


Here at Inishouse we are about children enjoying the experience of English, performing plays, giving presentations, publishing online, playing games, listening to stories, doing roleplays, doing surveys, in short, living and enjoying the language.And while we may play a grammar or vocabulary game or do some puzzles, we are not preparing them for their next test at school!Our aim is to motivate the children to want to communicate well in the language.



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Stories, Songs and Fun 6-7

09 SEP 2020 – 19 MAY 2021
Wednesday 16:00-17:00

Stories, Songs and Fun 7-8

09 SEP 2020 – 19 MAY 2021
Wednesday 14:45-15:45

Stories, Songs and Fun 8-9 A

03 SEP 2020 – 27 MAY 2021
Thursday 16:30-17:30

Stories, Songs and Fun 8-9 B

03 SEP 2020 – 27 MAY 2021
Thursday 15:15-16:15

Think English 9-10

07 SEP 2020 – 24 MAY 2021
Friday 15:40-16:40

Think English 10-11

07 SEP 2020 – 24 MAY 2021
Monday 16:15-17:15

Think English 11-12

03 SEP 2020 – 27 MAY 2021
Thursday 17:45-18:45

Secondary Preint Wed

09 SEP 2020 – 19 MAY 2021
Wednesday 17:15-18:45

Secondary Preint Thu

10 SEP 2020 – 03 JUN 2021
Thursday 19:00-20:30

Secondary Intermediate Tue

08 SEP 2020 – 18 MAY 2021
Tuesday 17:30-19:00

Secondary Intermediate Mon

07 SEP 2020 – 31 MAY 2021
Monday 17:30-19:00

Secondary B2/FCE

08 SEP 2020 – 18 MAY 2021
Tuesday 15:45-17:15

A2 Elementary

08 SEP 2020 – 18 MAY 2021
Tuesday 19:05-21:05

B1 Intermediate / Cambridge PET

07 SEP 2020 – 24 MAY 2021
Monday 19:05-21:05

B2 / Cambridge FCE

09 SEP 2020 – 19 MAY 2021
Wednesday 19:00-21:00

C1 / Cambridge Advanced

04 SEP 2020 – 04 JUN 2021
Friday 16:50-18:50


Inishouse English Centre

Aralar 45
31870 Lekunberri, NA
(34) 948 504 164