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What's the best way to keep them motivated? Here are some tips


Number one. The attention span of young children is short. The younger the shorter.5-year-olds generally can stay interested in watching a TV screen for about 5 minutes. 6-year-olds will go a little longer, maybe 10 minutes. So it is better to watch just a little than watch too much. So break it up into short segments! You can use children's honesty to help you because they themselves will tell you when they want to stop. If they are watching our Youtube show, cut it into three or four sections if the show is too long for them. Watch a little on two or three days. On the other hand, they are focused let them finish.


Number two. Children need to love things to learn them and they will certainly let you know when they don't.They will simply stop paying attention if they are not interested in something. And if the humor takes them, they will refuse to have anything to do with it. Any teacher will tell you that teaching young children is all about negotiation. Tell there is a delicious chocolate doughnut just waiting as soon as they finish colouring the elephant!


Number three. It is important to keep changing activities with young learners. So after they watch, then get them to do something different, like draw or play or make or sing.


Children make emotional, tactile, kinetic sensory connections with everything. To discover objects babies put them in their mouth. This is why our programmes try to get the children to use different senses. To listen, to paint, to move, to read, to write, to play


Friends help keep us motivated. This is why we involve all the students in the production of the shows. It's nice to see yourself and nice to see your friends! There is a big difference between watching some kids you don't know doing something and watching your friend do it!

Mum and dad

It's obviously quite different to drop your kids into English and to settle down to a peaceful cup of coffee while they're there than it is to be sitting through English at home with them! The younger they are, the more you will need to be involved. One advantage of the Youtube show is that you don't have to do it exactly at class time, you can pick and choose when is right for you. Once they are connected, it is probably enough for you to be doing whatever you want nearby. Or you might choose to brush up your English with them! also the more they do, the more they will be able to do on their own.


The shows are like buffets, no need to eat it all. They are designed to appeal to all the kids. So just like in class if a kid says s/he prefers to do one thing and not another, it's ok to respect that! We propose lots of things so they can choose what they want to do! We would love for you to do some of the tasks and fantastic if you want to do all of them. And it's ok if all they like to do is watch. I never force a child to do anything.


The children the stars of the show. This is very motivating for them to see themselves and their friends. They form an integral part of the show.The shows are all on a hidden channel on Youtube. Videos involve children in real communication. But students are also invited to participate on the centre's open channel.


Stay tuned for messages and info, this will be the main via of communication with parents in the group.If you have a doubt, a worry or a problem, you can always contact us Monday- Friday 9-7pm.


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Cambridge and EOI Exam Preparation Centre Register for exams in june and do your intensive course with us. You can do it all online, attend the centre for small-group presencial sessions, or a combination of the two.

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Stories, Songs and Fun 6-7

Wednesday 16:00-17:00

Stories, Songs and Fun 7-8

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Stories, Songs and Fun 8-9

03 SEP 2020 – 27 MAY 2021
Thursday 16:30-17:30

Think English 9-10 Fri

04 SEP 2020 – 04 JUN 2021
Friday 15:40-16:40

Think English 9-10 Thu

03 SEP 2020 – 27 MAY 2021
Thursday 15:15-16:15

Think English 10-11

07 SEP 2020 – 24 MAY 2021
Monday 16:15-17:15

Think English 11-12

03 SEP 2020 – 27 MAY 2021
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Secondary Preint Thu

10 SEP 2020 – 03 JUN 2021
Thursday 19:00-20:30

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09 SEP 2020 – 19 MAY 2021
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07 SEP 2020 – 31 MAY 2021
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Secondary Intermediate Tue

08 SEP 2020 – 18 MAY 2021
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08 SEP 2020 – 18 MAY 2021
Tuesday 15:45-17:15

A2 Elementary

08 SEP 2020 – 18 MAY 2021
Tuesday 19:05-21:05

B1 Intermediate / Cambridge PET

07 SEP 2020 – 24 MAY 2021
Monday 19:05-21:05

B2 / Cambridge FCE

09 SEP 2020 – 19 MAY 2021
Wednesday 19:00-21:00

C1 / Cambridge Advanced

04 SEP 2020 – 04 JUN 2021
Friday 16:50-18:50


Intensive Prep Cambridge PET 1

Mon-Fri 09:30-12:00

Intensive Prep Cambridge PET 2

31 MAY – 11 JUN 2021
Mon-Fri 16:00-18:30

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14 – 25 JUN 2021
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14 – 25 JUN 2021
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07 – 18 JUN 2021
Mon-Fri 10:30-13:30

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