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Theatre Week. This week all groups in the THink English programme are performing their plays. Don't forget to come see your child do his/her stuff in English!
The online writing course is a flexible course suited to individual needs. It is ideal for preparation for of the writing exams at A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 levels. It consists of ten exam type questions with practice and instruction in different question formats, timing and length. For example, formal and informal letter, email writing, blogs, opinion essays, report writing ect., as required by level. It can be followed completely online or combined with 1:1 tutorials. Links will be provided with models of each. After each composition is sent in, it will receive a grade and detailed feedback. It must then be corrected, if necessary rewritten as many times as necessary until it is up to a comfortable exam pass/level appropriate standard. Compositions and feedback are sent by email. Work may be sent as many times as necessary until the student has made real improvement with each composition.

Theatre Season: Performances all next week


Registration 2017-2018 Course More information and registration form for download here.

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Book Club Begins It's a great way to learn. Have you joined your group's book club?

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Stories, Songs and Fun 4-5

Wednesday 14:50-15:50

Stories, Songs and Fun 5-6

Wednesday 17:00-18:00

Stories, Songs and Fun 7-8

Tuesday 17:00-18:00

Stories, Songs and Fun 8-9

Monday 17:00-18:00

Stories, Songs and Fun 8-9

Thursday 18:00-19:00

Think English 9-10

Tuesday 18:00-19:00

Think English 10-11

Wednesday 18:00-19:00

Think English 11-12

Thursday 17:00-18:00

Secondary Communication 13-14

Monday 18:00-19:00

Secondary Communication 13-14

Friday 17:00-18:00

Bach Communication 16-17

Wednesday 16:00-17:00

Secondary Complete 12-13

Several different periods


Tuesday 19:00-21:00


Tuesday 09:30-10:30


Monday 19:00-21:00


Wednesday 19:00-21:00


Thursday 19:00-21:00

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